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In the ever-evolving world of commerce, financial complexities often hinder progress for merchants and business buyers seeking growth and success.

At PastPay, we’re reshaping B2B payments! We empower business customers to pay for purchases on their own terms while merchants enjoy seamless management of both online and offline transactions.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we unleash a new era of faster, smarter, and better financial products while setting the industry’s standards for simplicity and efficiency.


PastPay boosts the economy by facilitating liquidity for businesses across the EU through digital financing solutions.


Making flexible payment terms accessible for all B2B transactions across the European Union.


happy merchants offering flexible payment terms


EUR of financing allocated to SMEs across the EU


invoices paid later with PastPay

Meet the PastPay team

We are a passionate and diverse team across Europe, driven by innovation and excellence. Our collective backgrounds and experiences create a dynamic tapestry that fuels our mission to redefine the industry. Beyond qualifications, we seek team members who contribute to our culture of collaboration and growth.

Get to know Benjamin, the CEO

Co-founder of PastPay, former management consultant, specializing in digital financing.

What motivates you personally to excel in your role?

We are building a community of high performers, and it’s very inspiring to see the whole evolution journey and how a heated internal brainstorming session translates into a feature or product that solves real customer problems. Satisfied customers and a team where we drive and learn from each other get me out of bed feeling inspired every day. 

B2B trade transformed: our Trailblazing Shift to a BNPL Powerhouse

Founded in 2019, our founders set out to create a digital invoice factoring solution. Swiftly recognizing the boundless possibilities of digitizing B2B trade, we boldly pivoted to create a game-changing BNPL platform. Today, we empower merchants and their business customers with seamless transaction both offline and online and flexible payment terms.


We uphold excellence as our guiding principle, ensuring that every solution we craft is a testament to our unwavering commitment to achieving the highest standards.


We empower our clients with clear insights and open communication, fostering trust and confidence in every financial endeavor.


In all that we do, we place the wellbeing of our dedicated team members and cherished clients at the forefront, embodying a commitment to their utmost welfare and success.

Our valued partners at the forefont of reshaping
tomorrow's B2B payments

AGC is a UK based asset manager focused on refinancing innovative businesses

Allianz Trade is one of the world’s largest credit insurers and a global partner of PastPay

The Hungarian Development bank is financing innovative Hungary based companies

365 Bank is on of the biggest commercial banks in SLovakia

MBH Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Hungary

An Austrian asset manager with a strong focus on refinancing the CEE region

ID at the Hungarian National Bank: 32033906

A magyar fintech felrázza a B2B e-kereskedelmet innovatív BNPL megoldásával

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A magyar fintech felrázza a B2B e-kereskedelmet innovatív BNPL megoldásával

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A magyar fintech felrázza a B2B e-kereskedelmet innovatív BNPL megoldásával

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